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the Butterfly Loom
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My Favourite Pumpkin Bag (V.2)

My Favourite Pumpkin Bag V2
version 2

With the yarn and color of your choice, loom 25 squares using the small Butterfly Loom. Loom each square to your desired thickness, and remember that the Bag is quite thick because it is lined and has wadding inside the lining.

Around each square crochet 3 treble into each set of loops, until you come to the corner and then 3 treble 1 chain 3 treble into corner set of loops. Slip stitch all squares together to make a large square 5 Loomed squares x 5 Loomed squares.

Top Edging
Cast on 10 stitches, and knit in ss until work measures 11 inches. Knit another piece the same.

Strap/Handle for Bag
Work as given for top edging until work measures 60 inches from beginning, cast off.

To Make Up
1. Join 5 squares across and 5 squares down to form one large square.

2. Cut two pieces of lining ad one piece of wadding the same size as the square.

3. Place wadding between 2 pieces of lining, and overlock around edges, sandwiching the wadding in between lining, and then place Pumpkin Bag over lining with wrong side of Bag to lining. Join edges together.

4. Pleat or gather front edges and back edges to 12 inches.

5. Roll a piece of wadding, 12 inches long, place this wadding into center of Top Edging and sew Top Edging to pleated or gathered sides of Bag, joining through all thicknesses.

6. Gather or pleat remaining sides of Bag to 12 inches and mark center. Sew edges of Strap together, noting not to twist strap. FGold strap in half to find the center and mark.. Mark 6 inches both sides of center.

7. Pin center of strap to center of Bag and side edges of Bag to marked positions on strap.

8. Join as given for Top Edging, noting to carry rolled wadding into strap pieces.

9. Attach to magnets for fasteners to top of Bag as closure.

Copyright© Carolyn Jenner 2002. All rights reserved.