Welcome to Croft Looms, the home of the Butterfly Loom!

The Butterfly Looms are now under the ownership of Croft Looms and are based in the UK. They were originally devised by Carolyn Jenner in Australia and have been very popular in the USA and Australia. They have proven popular in the UK and are on sale in our shop and via EBay.
Butterfly Looms are an ideal stock product offering that 'something different' that knitters are always on the lookout for!

Newly created to supply and support anyone interested in hand weaving. Croft Looms will supply all types of hand looms, yarns and accessories. Visit us again soon as we stock our shop, but take a look at the Butterfly Looms, sock looms and yarns we already have on sale. We will be highlighting the very best in contemporary design using traditional techniques and machines, from our visits to shows such as the Woolfest to inspirational exhibitions and workshops.

In stock I also have Tenerife Looms from GinaB Silkworks. Gina's main field is passementerie, which is the art of decorative trimmings, such as tassels and braiding and examples of her work can be seen here.


We are now looking for Butterfly Loom stockists and distributors in the UK and Europe, so if you are interested please email for our information pack.


Butterfly Looms

Butterfly Looms were created by Carolyn Jenner in Australia and are now available exculsively from Croft Looms. Butterfly Looms are easy to use and like most looms require no knitting or crochet knowledge.

Sock (Knitting) Looms

Socks again! Give the age old present a new lease of life by making your own socks to give as presents. Looms come in small, medium and large and can be used to make lovely patterned socks.

Peg Looms

If you are a crafter you will have a stash of one sort or another... the peg loom is a great way to use up oddments, whether it is pieces of cloth, yarn, even beads or plastics. Make rugs, blankets, bags or works of art using weaving at its most basic.

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